Summerfield school is my first home. It can not b describe in words how much we feel for our school. We really miss our school days a lot we learned many things from their its been 26years iam in touch with my Summerfield school every time I go their I feel same which I use to feel in my school days. Thankuuuu so much SUMMMERFIELD for being a part of my life…
…..Rahul Singh Baghel

With studies, I have understood moral values being part of Summer field school. Good place to study. Words are less to describe, you need to be part of this school to understand.
…..Diksha Soni

I really want my days back at summerfield…i want to be d part of those sonali mam’s classes..i want to study again for those 10 marks weekly test…i want to eat the meal cooked by dinesh bhaiya…i want 2join duggall mam’s class n increase my vocabulary….i want colonel sir’s slap on my face…i want ajay sir taking my viva before exams….i want param sir teaching me maths and motivating me….i wnt rekha chauhan in my class 2compete me in biology n english exams….i want my best buddy akash 2assist me in maths…i want to complete those geography projects….i want to prepare models for school exhibition….i wont to take part in rangoli competition….
i want vyas mam to give me long boring hindi notes..i want param sir to give me 0 in mThs n asking me to get it signed by colonel sir…..i want to be a part of ravan mfg party at dusshehra..i want to polish my shoes in the dormitories…i want to wear that yellow house T-shirt…..
i wonna be at summerfield….
miss u so much…….
…..Rohit Yadav

I badly miss summerfield……..its not only school for me but it means a lot to me…….
…..Shreya Mazumdar

Summerfield school, Though its difficult to describe in words but what i personally feel about it is that there are some wonderful personalities who taught me how to neglect negative things with an ease… all the best and keep doing well.
…..Vijay Pratap Singh

One of the best schools in Dehradun/India. Not only the academic but values are taught to the students.
…..Umesh Kumar Soni

I am very lucky, I studied at summerfield school
…..Sanjeev Khokhar

I miss summerfield school very much….forever…
…..Rahul Rawat

I fully enjoyed my life and became a good student at summurfield, guyyzz plz take admission in that school u will be a great person in ur life.
…..Lokesh Verma