Boarding Rules

  • Handling of large sums of money and keeping expensive belongings like mobile phones, iPod, cameras, gold items, expensive wrist watches etc, is not permitted. Parents are therefore advised not to give their children any valuables or money.
  • The school management reserves the right to remove form the institution any student found to be indulging in the following acts: Cheating stealing, bullying/ragging, physical attack, self injury, attempt to leave school premises without permission, use of abusive language, unacceptable behavior towards opposite gender, use of tobacco/drugs/alcohol, disfiguring school property and/or any other act which is considered unacceptable. The decision of the School Discipline and Prevention of Harassment Committee will be final.

Visiting Rules

Parents and local guardians of Boarders will be permitted to visit the children and take them out only if their photographs have been given to the school at the time of admission. Visiting hours are between 9.30 am. and 4 pm. On Sundays and school holidays. Parents of newly admitted children will not be permitted to visit their children for six weeks after admission. New admissions must be given time to settle down. Parents are requested to note that the school does not have any guest rooms to accommodate out-station parents. Parents/ guardians will have to call personally at the school office to visit or take their children out on out pass. Parents are requested not to enter classrooms, Mess or dormitories without the permission of the management.


There will be two vacations, one of 35-40 days duration from mid May to last week of June and the other of for 25 days in December-January.