Our students come from very diverse backgrounds. Our challenge as well as our pleasure lies in grooming our students into young men and women who are sure of themselves and their abilities. In the process of preparing them, we employ micro teaching methods where the specific short comings and weakness of each student are dealt with – with a lot of hard work, understanding and love.

In an unthreatened healthy atmosphere, each student knows that he has something special within him. But teaching for us is not only about books, notebooks and the drudgery of daily assignments and rote learning. Rather teaching learning is about being morally stable, culturally aware, emotionally positive and educationally competitive. And the ultimate reward for us is that we see before us balanced individuals – those who can stand up to the competitive world and make a career for themselves as well as work unabashedly with their hands. Our love and blessings remain with our students – always.

Mrs Sonali Verma