Our Vision and Ideology

  1. We believe that discipline is the corner stone on which the edifice of moral character of a child is built.
  2. The school aims at motivating young children to strive hard to achieve academic excellence.
  3. We aim to ingrain in the minds of our children the importance of secularism and dignity of labour so that they can rise above the narrow boundaries of caste and religion.
  4. We aim to awaken in our children, pride in our ancient culture and heritage.
  5. Finally we aim to give our children, a value system based on high ideals, so as to groom them to be good Indians we can all be proud of.

Educational System

The school is an English medium, Senior Secondary, co-educational, residential and day school and is affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi. Great emphasis is laid on classroom teaching which encourages brighter students to strive towards newer heights and the weaker ones to achieve the required academic standards. The system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation- CCE has been adopted in its true spirit to enhance the aptitude, attitude and ability of every student. The student teacher ratio is 1:17 and average strength of each class is 35. The school also provides 25% reservation to the underprivileged in the starter class as per the RTE 2009.